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XMI series communication inverter power supply


  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

Unique backwash noise suppression technology

◆Through unique pre-filtering design, the impact, surge, sink, and noise interferences to the power grid can be eliminated, without influence on the operation of other load devices.

On-line structure design

◆Relay + controllable silicon compensation: functional switching time of inverter absolutely cannot cause load flash.

AC and DC two-circuit input design structure

◆Provide pure power and perfect protection for key loads under the condition without need for increase in rectifier capacity.

Direct utilization of original DC system

◆Save the system investment, and reduce the maintenance cost

◆Extend the power supply time of battery pack

Full Chinese LCD

◆Various state information is provided, and UPS operating state is clear to see.

N+X redundant parallel technology

◆High reliability;

◆No any additional parallel cabinet is needed for the system;

◆Parallel operation of system is realized by internal microprocessor;

◆No master-slave flow equalization, high-precision load sharing.

Intelligent monitoring interface

◆RS232 interface or optional SNMP network adapter, to realize network monitoring function

Operator’s indoor distribution base station, network optimization, outdoor remote coverage; and private network computer rooms of railway, post and telecommunications, and public security organs


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